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When you face a legal issue, you need a law firm that knows what's at stake. That is why at DL Bentley Law Group PLLC, you work directly with a knowledgeable attorney to not only meet your goals today, but safeguard your interests well into the future.

Our firm believes in holistic representation. We take a proactive approach by tying together all the loose ends in your patent application and estate plan, as well as a reactive approach by vigorously advocating for your rights in the courtroom when a dispute arises. That is why since 2009, we have established a reputation of trust and success from individuals and small businesses across the New York metro area.

Fostering Innovation And Ingenuity

We practice intellectual property law because we believe everyone should enjoy the fruits of their own labor. Not only will we walk you through the process of obtaining a patent or trademark on your inventions and ideas, but we will faithfully intervene when another party infringes upon your intellectual property. With our accomplished trial attorney by your side, you can rest assured that your rights will be well-protected.

Securing You And Your Family's Future

In addition to protecting your ideas and innovations, we are committed to securing your assets and your family — especially as you approach the later years of your life. Our law firm will help you assemble the estate plan that meets all of your needs. If you've just lost a loved one, we compassionately guide you through the process of administering their estate.

Contact our office in Brooklyn to begin exploring your legal options. Call 646-835-0339 or reach out online to schedule your first consultation today.

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