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We Safeguard Your Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property laws are the foundation of our thriving business community. When you register an innovative idea or invention, you are guaranteed the rights over that intellectual property so that nobody else can capitalize on your innovation.

While there are protections in place for your patents and trademarks, intellectual property law can be complicated to navigate alone. At DL Bentley Law Group PLLC, we stand by your side throughout the process — helping you fully actualize your ideas, while taking legal action when someone else infringes upon your intellectual property rights.

Guiding You Through The Application Process

Filing for a patent or registering a trademark involves multiple steps, and you may not even know where to start. While our firm is located in Brooklyn, we are able to help you with patent registration no matter where you are located — anywhere in New York or throughout the country.

Taking Swift Legal Action To Protect Your Ideas

DL Bentley Law GroupThe main issue many people run into with intellectual property occurs when someone else infringes upon your rights. Trademark infringement is all too common an issue, as stealing an idea is much easier than coming up with it oneself.

Our intellectual property attorney has worked on behalf of individual entrepreneurs and large multinational corporations, and is a skilled trial attorney in intellectual property litigation. From patent to trademark litigation, we are committed to the success of your innovative ideas — and will never settle for less than what you deserve.

For intellectual property transactions or litigation, look no further than DL Bentley Law Group PLLC. Call 646-835-0339 today to schedule your first consultation with a knowledgeable IP lawyer, or reach out to us online to get started.

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