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Developing Your Trademark And Brand Portfolio

A successful brand can make or break a business. When you plan your brand, you need more than an attorney to help you through the application process. At DL Bentley Law Group PLLC, we advise you from the moment you begin the prosecution process. Once you develop your brand strategy, we work with you to get it successfully trademarked, and continue to counsel you as your business expands into new markets.

DL Bentley Law GroupTrademark law is a complicated legal area that continues to grow and adapt every day. Our intellectual property attorney in Brooklyn works closely with individual entrepreneurs and small businesses every day to plan and execute their trademark strategies, so they can worry more about the daily operations and growth of your business.

Taking Swift Action To Protect Your Rights

Much like patents, trademarks are often infringed upon for the sake of making a quick profit. But our country encourages innovation, and the original creator of a trademark has a wealth of rights associated with that registration. Our trademark litigation lawyer works tirelessly to protect New York's innovators and business owners, and will not back down when your intellectual property rights are violated.

Trademark infringement and intellectual property protection is not something you can trust to just any attorney. Losing your case could mean you lose a key part of your business's success. Our principal attorney has worked on behalf of some of the country's largest companies, and provides a holistic perspective into protecting your innovations. With our counsel, you can get your trademark registered properly and count on its success in the years to come.

Have questions about the trademark prosecution process, or need to take action in response to trademark infringement? Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm. Call 646-835-0339 to set up an initial consultation, or fill out our contact form to get started.

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